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I have worked with Leonard Rivera over the last few years through Chester Water Authority.  As a leading member of Keep Water Affordable (KWA), I have found Lenny to be a responsive and helpful advisor thanks to his expertise with the law. He is knowledgeable, honest and experienced.  Lenny has been an active force with the Kennett Area Democrats and a respected voice for New Garden Township and Chester County.  As both a former New Castle County, Delaware Prothonotary, and Delaware State Senator who has worked with state judges, I strongly feel that Pennsylvania will be fortunate to have Leonard Rivera as a judge in the Chester County Court of Common Pleas.

Margo Ewing Bane Woodacre, MSW
KWA – Keep Water Affordable
Landenberg, PA

Margo Ewing Bane Woodacre is a resident of New Garden Township and the founder of community advocacy group Keep Water Affordable (KWA).