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It is with great enthusiasm and sincerity that I endorse my friend Leonard Rivera for Chester County Common Pleas Judge. I consider myself fortunate to have known Lenny for 7 years. I am extremely thankful for his hard work in the past on multiple occasions on projects that help our community prosper. I first met Lenny as a fellow Board member on a local Chester County nonprofit and quickly realized that I was working with an excellent attorney and an exceptional man. To Lenny, people in our community deserve and received respect, dignity and his best efforts. What continues to impress me about Lenny is not only his exceptional legal skills but his empathy, his integrity and his respect for his fellow community members. Leonard is the kind of judge we need at the Chester County Court of Common Pleas, and that is why I consider it an honor to endorse Lenny Rivera.


Ronan W. Gannon

Ronan Gannon is the Board Chair of La Comunidad Hispana (LCH) where Leonard Rivera provides legal services in the LCH Legal Clinic and was a former LCH Board member.