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Last Day to Register Before the Primary

May 1, 2023

Last Day to Request a Mail-In Ballot Before the Primary

May 9, 2023


Tuesday, May 16, 2023. Polls are Open from 7AM to 8PM.


Voter Information

Do you have a plan to vote for Leonard Rivera for Judge? Election day is Tuesday, May 16. Polls are open from 7AM to 8PM. Mark your calendar now. On the ballot, Lenny will be listed as Leonard Rivera.  

Vote by Mail or Absentee

You must apply to vote by mail or absentee. Voting by mail is safe, easy, effective and legal.

Vote As Soon As Your Ballot Arrives.

  • Vote Leonard Rivera for Court of Common Pleas as soon as your ballot arrives by mail.

Use Both the Secrecy and the Outer Envelopes:

  • Follow the instructions that arrived with your Mail-In or Absentee ballot.
  • After you vote, seal your ballot in the secrecy envelope and then seal the outer envelope.
  • DO NOT use tape or staples.
  • DO NOT reopen the envelopes and reseal.

Outer Envelope:

  • Sign and Date your Outer Envelope with the Date You Vote NOT the day of the election.
  • Use the signature that your use for Voter Services include middle name or initial if applicable.

Mail in your ballot:

  • Mail back if you have greater than two weeks prior to Election Day.

Drop Box:

  • Drop Off Your Ballot at an official Drop Box Near You.
  • Find drop box locations on the Chester County Voter Services website.
  • You must drop off your own ballot. If you are unable to do so, use an Authorized Designated Agent form.
  • You can drop off your ballot at any drop box in Chester County. DO NOT drop off your ballot in any other county. It will not count.
  • Mail-In Ballots and Absentee Ballots must be dropped off by Election Day at 8PM when the polls close. Postmarks DO NOT count!

NOTE: If your ballot does not arrive, becomes damaged, or your wish to vote early, go to Chester County Voter Services or a satellite office. If your ballot does not arrive or if you choose, you may vote at your polling location on Election Day.  Bring your ballot and envelopes to the polling place with you. Once you give the Judge of Elections your ballot package, you will be given a ballot. If you do not have your ballot, you will vote provisionally.

Vote Early

You are able to vote early during the Mail-In Ballot or Absentee Ballot application period.

Go to Voter Services or a Satellite Office:

  • If your ballot does not arrive, becomes damaged, or your wish to vote early, go to Chester County Voter Services or a satellite office.
  • To vote early, simply go to Chester County Voter Services or a Satellite office
  • Bring photo ID and ask for your ballot.
  • You will be able to vote on the spot.

Three Convenient Locations:

  • Chester County Voter Services: 601 Westtown Rd, West Chester, PA 19382
  • Oxford Library Company: 48 S 2nd St., Oxford, PA 19363
  • Henrietta Hankin Library: 215 Windgate Dr., Chester Springs, PA 19425
Vote At the Polls

Make a plan to vote for Leonard Rivera for Judge on the Chester County Court of Common Pleas.  Polls are open on Tuesday, May 16th from 7AM to 8PM.

  • If you are running late and will not make it to your actual polling place, you may vote at any polling location in Chester County and vote provisionally. You must speak to the Judge of Elections at the polling location.
  • If you applied to vote by mail, but changed your mind and are now are voting at the polls, bring all of your vote by mail paperwork with you including the envelopes. Give this to the Judge of Elections. They will provide you with a ballot.
  • If you do not have your vote-by-mail paperwork, the Judge of Elections will provide you with a provisional ballot. This ballot will be counted only if you HAVE NOT previously voted in this election.
    Find your polling place now.
  • Someone from Leonard Rivera’s campaign may be contacting you about your voting experience. If you have an issue on Election Day, please contact us.

Guidance on Voter Intimidation and Disciplinary Conduct.

Petition Period

February 14 to
March 7, 2023